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Telecoms Fraud Intelligence and Fraud Intelligence Limited Partner to Enhance Fraud Detection

Telecoms Fraud Intelligence and Fraud Intelligence Limited have formed a strategic partnership to enhance fraud detection and prevention. The collaboration aims to leverage advanced technology and enriched data to provide a comprehensive view of various fraud types, streamline processes, and improve the effectiveness of fraud management strategies.

RAG Television

RAG TV brings to your screen the same kind of information, insights and discussions found at RAG conferences.
Watch insightful livestreams and reruns ranging from interesting and relevant topics within the in telco industry, and a variety of speakers with great insights.

First Business Integrations with the RAG Wangiri Blockchain Ledger

We are pleased to announce the next important milestone in the project has been reached with three consortium members, Vivacom, Neural Technologies and GBSD Technologies, all now able to automatically connect, submit and retrieve data from the ledger through the open and published API.

Consortium bringing a game-changing approach to Risk and Cyber Crime Awareness

As companies enter an era of remote and distributed working, the reliance on a strong risk culture will define its success in navigating turbulent times. Creating the right risk culture is a critical but complex challenge which goes beyond the tone-at-the-top or narrow risk manager focus.

RAG Wangiri Blockchain: Many Hands Make Insightful Work

We know that fraudsters keep evolving, and that telcos need to keep progressing to avoid being overrun by them. We also know that fraudsters pick upon the weakest, systematically exploiting them to generate profits they might reinvest in new ways to commit crime. But unlike a hive, a telco’s network is not a discrete entity

RAG TV: Why Telcos Share Fraud Intelligence by Linking Their Fraud Management Systems

Watch this episode of RAG TV where Shaw Communications, Subex, Orillion Solutions plus the RAG TV hosts talk about why telcos should help each other to protect customers by sharing information about wangiri fraud.

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