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Why Blockchain technology is so useful for battling fraud

If fraud is invisible to 3 billion customers, how do you protect them? Orilion co-founder, Dr. Danie Maritz speaks about the exponential value of Blockchain to tackle fraud in the telco industry.

The value of the RAG Wangiri Blockchain

Collaboration between telcos and sharing fraud data is the perfect solution to dealing with a complex problem. Orillion CEO, Anthony Sani, speaks about the RAG Consortium and the solution it will bring..

Blockchain and the RAG Wangiri Consurtium

Kyle Ueckermann talks about the unique solution blockchain created for combating wangiri fraud on the RAG Wangiri Consortium

A testimonial of the effectiveness of the RAG Wangiri Consortium

Xavier Lesage, CEO o, briefly speaks on why he firmly believes in RAG Wangiri Blockchain solution.

What is Risky Business?

Risky Business is an immersive game-based learning and awareness experience to help improve risk culture and company wide behaviour towards risk. Check out the video and visit learn more.

RAG TV: Why Telcos Share Fraud Intelligence by Linking Their Fraud Management Systems

Watch this episode of RAG TV where Shaw Communications, Subex, Orillion Solutions plus the RAG TV hosts talk about why telcos should help each other to protect customers by sharing information about wangiri fraud.

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