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The Orillion team have been there and done it. Our track record of risk, innovation and technology leadership benefit our clients through delivery of practical and proven value. Providing the bridge between domain expertise and solution delivery is something our clients value.


We believe that solving today’s risk challenges require more than standard consulting reports or expensive technology products.  Effective Risk Management requires deep business insights, a focus on preventative design and creating an inclusive risk culture, which our solutions enable our clients to achieve.


Tired of solutions that don’t solve the problem, cost too much or take too long? Our design and delivery methods are collaborative, virtualized and value driven to create trust and a true partnership with our clients.


Change to a business ecosystem is needed to achieve disruption. One-size fits all solutions are no longer the answer to industry or client needs.  We play to our strengths and have created a rich partner ecosystem that allows us to offer solutions that are truly best-in-class.


TTRO is an organization of passionate and talented individuals who design and develop innovative learning solutions to upskill and empower people for the now and for the future. Orillion and TTRO have partnered on various innovative client learning projects.

A leading global provider of online information services and events for communications risk and assurance professionals. Orillion and RAG have collaborated to develop the largest global fraud blockchain consortium.

Mustard is a digital communications agency with a super agile skills base. Mustard provide the gaming technology and production expertise in the Risky Business game consortium with Orillion.

GoldPhish is a fully remote cyber security awareness training company providing innovative web-based training solutions to help organisations teach their employees secure behaviour and form part of the Risky Business consortium supporting Cyber behaviour and awareness change.

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