Wednesday, 19th June, 2024


Telecoms Fraud Intelligence and Fraud Intelligence Limited Partner to Enhance Fraud Detection

South Africa & United Kingdom – Telecoms Fraud Intelligence (Pty) Ltd (TFI) and Fraud Intelligence Limited (FIL) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that aims to enhance fraud prevention and intelligence sharing within the telecommunications industry. By incorporating FIL’s innovative Fraud Intelligence Blockchain (FIB) technology, this alliance will substantially enhance TFI’s fraud investigation and management services.

Comprehensive Fraud Management:

TFI’s expertise in investigating voice and SMS fraud provides a comprehensive service that includes filing cases with law enforcement agencies, both within South Africa and internationally, depending on the jurisdiction involved. TFI also coordinates legal actions against local international gateways, working alongside law firms where commercial litigation is required.

Leveraging the Largest Consortium:
This partnership leverages the strength of the largest consortium of telecommunications companies and vendors, co-led by industry leaders Soramitsu and Orillion. This consortium is committed to reducing fraud by fostering collaboration among key industry players.

Real-Time Data Sharing and Advanced Blockchain Technology:
The partnership ensures secure, real-time sharing of data concerning known or suspected fraudulent activities through FIL’s blockchain and analytics technology, licensed by Fraud Intelligence Limited.

“We’re incredibly humbled to be partnering with TFI and their teams on creating sensible and innovative methods to combat the fraudsters; this while working closely with consortium and regulators led by the principles of  constructive collaboration.  And I believe if we stay true to our values and strategy, the best days are yet to come.  

(Anthony Sani, Co-founder, CEO, ORILLION)


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Fraud Intelligence Limited
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About Telecoms Fraud Intelligence (Pty) Ltd: TFI, headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, specializes in the detection and management of telecommunications fraud, enhancing the security framework for service providers globally.

About Fraud Intelligence Limited: FIL, based in the United Kingdom, is at the forefront of blockchain-based fraud detection technologies, driving global innovation and providing top-tier solutions to combat telecom fraud effectively.

Disclaimer: This press release includes forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. All statements other than those of historical facts are forward-looking and are subject to change based on various factors.