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Predictive Analytics

Organizations are using predictive analytics to help solve challenging problems and uncover new opportunities. According to Gartner research, only 15% of Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence projects succeed in achieving their stated goals. These complex and costly projects tend to fail because of their largely technology-centric focus, as well as the inability of the organization to acquire the rights skills to sustain and operate this technology.

Our Value to Your Business:
Selecting the right problem with the right output to solve, rather than selecting the perfect data model or technology to solve that problem, will help drive significantly more success in an organization. Our deep domain expertise, value creation methodology and technology integration model has helped target and achieve the right business outcomes in a sustainable way.

Blockchain Ecosystems

The shift into the new decentralized era is underway. We have entered a radical evolution of how we interact and trade in an ever-more interconnected world, with distributed governance, data sharing and application management. These systems offer great promise and value for entire ecosystems, as well as for those participating in this new way of operating. Organizations must adapt or face being left behind.

Our Value to Your Business:
Having developed the largest blockchain-based consortium in global Telecommunications, we have witnessed first hand the value that this innovative technology and disruptive way of work can bring. There are endless applications of blockchain technology that can help improve your processes, data management, partner and customer ecosystem as well as solve many root causes of risk and compliance failures.

Learning and Culture Adoption

Change to industries, companies and workplace environments are occuring at a faster pace than at anytime in living memory. The success of these transformations hinges critically on the behaviour of people within this changing environment. 70% of company transformations fail, largely due to human resistance and negative behaviour. The need therefore to address human behaviour change is critical to the success of your businesses sustainable future.

Our Value to Your Business:
Our digital, game-based simulation technology is helping organizations improve their culture, bring about positive behavioural change, digitalize their induction and learning programs. The results have been outstanding, with adoption and behaviour-based outcomes significantly better than using traditional tools and methods.

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