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Breakthrough Innovation

The African
Music Industry


The Challenges Faced :

Musicians globally have suffered a significant decline in earnings during the COVID 19 pandemic. The reliance on live performances to sustain income has left many composers and artists destitute and at the mercy of an exploitative industry. The industry has been characterised by ineffective processes, systems, a resistance to change, with music professionals

Our Solution:
Working with leaders in the African music sector, Orillion have helped co-create an innovative business model and supporting technology ecosystem that will create a sustainable future for musicians, the industry and ultimately the music-loving public .

Business Assurance


The Challenges Faced :

A leading telco had invested heavily in detection technology to improve its assurance capability. While risk detection improved, the systems remained limited in improving efficiency, providing meaningful insights and driving underlying change to risk levels.

Our Breakthrough Innovation:
Transforming the skills, methods, tools and investment model was critical to achieving Breakthrough Innovation for our client. Within a year, their Innovation Practice had delivered industry-recognised innovations and improvement through their Innovation Practice. A collaborative design and delivery model helped to ensure the client remained front and centre of the process, allowing them to sustain and further innovate in future.

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